Our Story

The Paisley Rooster started in 2010 with a passion for colorful jewelry, a chance encounter with a customer, and a leap of faith.

Kimberly Traxel has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Along with her daughter, Kimberly started designing and selling colorful jewelry on weekends at various arts and craft shows in the Memphis area. As the demand for her designs grew, Kimberly found it difficult to keep up, so she began to seek out vendors that offered colorful jewelry that was consistent with her style.

It wasn't very long until her regular customers began asking Kimberly to consider opening a retail store. At the time, Kimberly was a full-time charge nurse at a local hospital, and wasn't sure she could find a retail space that would suit her needs. It was during one of these conversations that one of Kimberly's customers casually mentioned seeing a building in Arlington, Tennessee that had just become available for rent. It was then that Kimberly took a leap of faith and rented the space that became The Paisley Rooster's first location.

In the beginning, The Paisley Rooster was only open on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Kimberly would work 12 hours at the hospital and come home and work on the business. On her days off at the hospital, she would work at the store.

This formative time in the business taught Kimberly quite a few lessons.

"I learned to not try and think everything to death. Sometimes you take the first step and that propels you to make something work," Kimberly said. "I learn something new every single day."  

Since those early days, The Paisley Rooster has seen tremendous growth by offering beautiful, unique clothing at affordable prices. In addition to the original location in Arlington, The Paisley Rooster also has a location in Collierville, Tennessee.

"I love the creative freedom to have ideas and implement them. I love that I have the opportunity to set my own goals and to live up to my own expectations and not be stifled by the boundaries of someone else's," Kimberly said. "I get to shop for fabrics, colors, patterns and styles until I find just the right items for our customers.  I love the idea that we get the opportunity every day to make women feel beautiful in something we sell them. The possibilities are endless."

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